Week 1

Triathlon training started last week. I’m following a program I found online: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/triathlon-training-program-olympic-distance

My goal is to finish the MiamiMan International Distance race in a respectable time.

Swim goal: <25 minutes

Bike goal: 18mph

Run goal: <60 minutes

So, what’s the basis for this? I did an International/Olympic distance triathlon as a relay with EG a few weeks ago. My swim was under 22 minutes, and my run was under 58.  His bike was 1:07. Crazy fast! Anyway, I was hauling on the swim, so I’m giving myself some room to slow down and not totally wear myself out. For the run, I think I can do it. My last sprint tri ended in a 9:05 pace run and my PR 5k. My 10k in the tri relay was 9:19 pace.

Training was going well… I switched the first run and bike, and nearly quadrupled the time spent on the bike. I was in good company with EO and EG, learning and working my butt off. The weirdest part is swimming for such short periods of time. A 1000 yard swim only takes 15 minutes at a steady pace. I thought about adding more, but my run on Sunday was the worst I’ve ever felt running. I think I’ll listen to my body and hold off on going beyond the training plan until I feel better.

Yesterday was a rest day. My spirits are low. Hopefully today (30min run + 30 min strength train) renews my spirits. If not, I have Dexter Season 4 Discs 3 +4, frozen yogurt, and my wonderful dog waiting for me at home.

Anyway, I’m stuck at the main campus for work, and most of the things I need to do involve a share drive that I don’t have access to. So, I’m working on deciding on a current wellness topic for my 5 minute presentation…


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