Yesterday was one of those days that was absolutely packed with stuff.

Work 9-11, pick up forgotten swimsuit, lab 12-2, meeting 1-2, meeting 2-3, swim, meet someone to sell surfboard, bike ride, dinner, kickball preseason party.

Work was good. My 30 second stop home didn’t piss off the dog, and it didn’t make me late for lab. Lab was quick, and I was able to be on time for my first meeting. Both meetings ran long, but they were productive. Turns out, the name of the place I work for is changing. I finally snuck out after 4 for a swim. I fought traffic. I swam over 1000yds (I think). It’s weird that swimming is the only distance-based part of my tri training. All others are time-based. I kind of made it time-based. 1:30 pace means 15 minutes to swim 1000yds. I think I went over, but I’m not sure.  I bolted home to meet the girl interested in my surfboard…

…let’s all share a moment of silence in honor of my surfboard moving on to a different owner…

I was sad to see it go, but I haven’t touched it since I moved to Florida. If I move somewhere with decent surf again, I’d want a different board anyway.

So, off I went on my hour-long first ride with clipless pedals. Loved it! I’m better with my right foot, but I’m fairly confident. The next step is to buy my own shoes. I’m currently using EO’s hand-me-downs, which have seen better days. I’m very lucky to have them to start with though! The ride felt pretty good.

I quick grabbed some leftovers and I hit the kickball preseason party for a little while.

I’m still a little tired. There’s not a real break in the training for a while. I’m sore. I’m hoping I’m not pushing too hard. I still think I’m the good kind of fatigued. We’ll see.

I think my goals are tough. I did the math, and it puts me at a finishing time of 2:55ish. That’d put me in the top half of finishers from the race last year. I’m keeping those goals, but giving myself some breathing room. Sub 3 hrs should do it 🙂 by the way, this is cool: http://www.triathloncalculators.com/

No more thinking. Lunch time 🙂


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