Long weekend…

… it was a good one! I have GOT to remember that it rains on the last day of the weekend here, which is also the day that PH and I plan hikes. Seriously. Three weeks straight of that. Oh well…

I am prepared for a hurricane, with the exception of building some sort of indoor potty for the dog. I’m thinking those plastic bins usually used for under-the-bed storage with sod in it. We’ll see how that goes. My hurricane kit has lots of canned foods, water, and of course, boxed wine. Haha.

Speaking of hurricanes, that indoor cycling trainer I’ve been eying might really come in handy… http://www.1upusa.com/bike_trainer.html I can’t even imagine the kind of cabin fever that could set in. Maybe I’ll get a treadmill and stick the dog on it…

My training has been going well! I finally swam at the school I work for’s rec center. Three lane pool (tiny!) and the minute hand on the clock didn’t work. I can’t seem to break out of the 10 min mile pace for my runs, but that was the pace I was training at when I did my 57min 10k and my 9:05 pace 5k. I’ll just follow my program, build up my mileage, and start the speed work a little later.

I rode inside (did you know LeMond makes exercise bikes?) and averaged almost 19mph for a 23 mile ride. It was tiring not getting to stop at red lights! It isn’t something I want to do too often, but it was a nice change of pace and escape from the 105 heat index.

While on the topic, the gym at this school is sooo different from my college gym. I miss my college gym. I saw so much cleavage, so many midriffs, so much see-through clothing… totally different culture. Let’s just say it looked like an American Apparel ad instead of an REI ad or something. I’m glad I went to school where I did. Partially because this gym would intimidate me and partially because I just don’t think I’d fit in.

I ordered cycling shoes! Same brand and size as I’m riding now, but without the hundreds of miles of sockless riding put on them by their previous owner 🙂 Hopefully the fit. If not, I’m out a few bucks for shipping, but I love http://www.bonktown.com’s return policy.

I should get to bed. I’ve got to be at work at 6am to go offshore for the day. Hopefully I’ll have enough time for my 45 min ride, 30 min run, and first kickball game of the season. Some days are definitely busier than others.


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