Thank you truck drivers

My newest bike rides that start from home have been taking me down around the airport and the sea port. There’s minimal traffic, except for the mile or two closest to my house. The traffic I do encounter tends to be semi-trucks. They are so attentive compared to normal drivers, and I feel safer among them than cell-phone-talking-SUV-driving-self-absorbed drivers. Sometimes, they even honk at me in my dorky cycling outfit. I wish I could thank them for giving me room and passing with care.

I got my RoadID in the mail yesterday! Hopefully, it never serves its purpose.

Training has been going well. Not a lot to report. I’ve had a slight knee pain at the beginning of my last 2 runs, but it fades. I doubt it’s anything¬†significant, but I’ll keep an eye on it. I’m pushing to keep my training runs on the slightly quicker side. Next week is my first brick in the plan, as well as the beginning of some speed/interval work. Yay! My inner sprinter is pretty excited about that.

Date night with PH last night. It was relaxing, especially after a lunchtime run and swim, and an after work ride. I got to sleep for some normal hours, too. The brief power struggle between me and the dog seems to have subsided. For a few days, he wanted to go out at 3am, and peed in the house twice. I think that’s over. I’m pretty sure he got used to the unemployed roommate coming home around 2-3am most mornings, and started to let that potty break be part of the routine. I’m happy that he’s adjusting back to normalcy. This morning, I was waking him up around 7am.

Today is just strength training, and a drive to Miami for a meeting about Ragnar Relays.


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