Where to find 650s?

I got up Saturday morning for a nice 1:20 bike ride… The drawbridge by my house was up, so I detoured through a neighborhood to keep riding instead of waiting for the bridge.  2 miles in, and my rear tire was FUBAR. I stopped, and put in air to find the leak. I was looking at one puncture mark in the tire, but air was coming out of a different one! Rather than sit there and try to change the tube and patch the two or more weak points in my tire, I decided to walk. I was only about a mile from home, because of all the zig-zagging through cross streets. About 15-20 mins later, I was home. I had a few blisters from walking in my bike shoes, but I figured blisters were better than cuts on my feet…

This began the quest to find new 650 tires. I got my beautiful Fuji Aloha a few months ago from a friend who had upgraded. I have no idea how much she rode with the tires or how long the tires sat unused. I decided to replace both, trash the FUBARed one, and keep the other one as a spare. Three bike shops later – and I found ONE set. Apparently no one stocks 650s. Oh well. I have an ample supply of tubes, and I’ll be buying another set of tires online when I find a good deal.

Expensive tires were procured (Gatorskin – my only option), and we decided to go hike instead. After an hour drive out to the Everglades, PH and the dog were both excited to get going. We hiked along the access road to PH’s favorite trail. It was beyond flooded. The dog didn’t mind – he got to roll around in the water. We headed back to the access road. We hadn’t seen a single gator, which was weird. This is the Everglades, after all. As we’re discussing where to continue this hike, a 200lb (ish) bear rounds a corner in the trail, and is facing us from 60yds or so away. We all stop and stare. The bear looked like it got caught being somewhere it shouldn’t and quickly turned and headed away from us on the trail. We called it a day and headed back to the car. A good hike was not in the cards. PH and the dog were happy just to be out there, and I was, too.

Sunday, I was up early. In lieu of my 1:20 ride that I was supposed to do, I rode around for a while scouting trail for the next hash. It was fun, I think we found a good trail, and it was nice to not ride alone.  PH and I grabbed snacks and a cooler of beer and hit the beach. It was a much-needed relaxing day.

I skipped my swim this weekend, but I’m not worried about that. I moved my run from yesterday to today, so I’ll be back on track by tonight! Today was supposed to be a rest day anyway…


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