Training logs are interesting. I’ve never kept one before. I’ve followed training programs, but never actually logged it. I just find it interesting that it’s Sept 20, and I’ve swam over 3.5 miles, run almost 40, and biked over 112 this month. I need to get my butt in gear for strength training. I’m not worried about my missed swim this weekend (rather: failed attempt) because that’s my strength. However, I’m somewhat worried I’m not training enough – that the volume isn’t there.

I visited my sister in Boston this past weekend. I rode for about 1:20 on Friday before my flight, and I’m having some issues with my hand. After some reading, it’s probably nerve-related. I didn’t notice anything was up until I tried to eat with chopsticks on Friday night. I couldn’t hold them right! My little finger and ring finger aren’t exactly pulling their weight. I’m going to make some changes to my bike and see how it goes. I’ve been meaning to change my seat angle anyway, because I think I’m putting too much weight on my hands. Maybe I should have thought about that one before…

My long run this weekend (6.4 miles) was awesome! My sister is a great running partner. I think the cool Boston air evened out the effect of the evil hills.

In other super-awesome news, PH got a job 🙂

This week in training: A brick, and lots of intervals!


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