New gear!

It’s like Christmas!

My sister offered me her old Tri shorts and top. Who am I to say no? She competes on a company team and she bought the tri gear for the past two seasons. She realized she really only needed one set. So, I inherited shorts and a top. I can’t remember the manufacturer. The only problem? That girl is tiny. I managed to fit my size medium butt into her size small shorts, and my size medium top (with giant swimmer shoulders) into her XS top. It fits(ish). I’m excited about the top though. It was exactly what I wanted. Tank top style with no built in bra and a pocket in the back.  I can throw it on after the swim with no problem. I really don’t like the idea of swimming in a top.

I ordered a pair of Sugoi 3-inch tri shorts. Short? Yes, but I like short. Cheap? Very yes. Under $30, shipping included. I’m excited to try them out. I have a brick today, so this might be the day!

Swimsuit: along with a few pairs of Swedes, which I can’t live without, I got this suit for race day: I ‘ll wear the top with tri shorts. I’ll wear the whole suit on other occasions. It’s not full-coverage, but I’m a card carrying member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee. Its covers enough, and more importantly, it hold like a sports bra. I have one of the fuller-coverage speedo ones, and it’s really not all that supportive. I think those are meant for Bs and Cs. Plus, those are mostly nylon/lycra. That’s a no-go for me. If the suit isn’t at least 50% polyester, it’s not worth buying. It’ll wear out quickly and stretch out a lot, too. I got a new training suit, too. I have the same one in blue. I love it.

Cycling: I got a new pair of shoes: My friend had lent me her pair when I bought my bike from her. She had the same manufacturer and a very similar shoe. It might actually have been the same model. The difference between a worn out old shoe and a new one is pretty epic. It’s so much more comfortable! Also, I snagged them for under $40, so I’m stoked.

Yes, I own three pairs of Italian shoes now: Diadora cycling shoes, LaSportiva climbing shoes and LaSportiva hiking boots. That’s normal for a girl, right? My climbing shoes are still by far the most expensive pair of shoes I own 🙂

I’ve been thinking about the finger-numbing issue. I’d like to spend more time in aero position, and reduce the pressure I’m putting on my hand. BUT I’m not comfortable being in aero (and away from my brakes) in traffic. So, I’m kind of stuck. I’ll be making an adjustment to my seat and maybe my handlebars before my brick today. If that doesn’t help, I’m seeing my bike-guru buddy this weekend and we’re going riding. That should help solve things. I almost want a road bike for my rides in traffic, and a tri bike for less traffic and for races. Oh well, something to think about if I just can’t get these adjustments to work for me.

Off to Anatomy Lab! Looking forward to my 1hr ride & 30 min run brick today 🙂


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