Cycling 101

I think I learn something every time I ride. Swimming and running are very routine, but cycling seems like one of those things where I pick up a little more insight on every ride

This week’s lessons:

1. Intervals are hard. I have a new respect for people that can average 22mph through a tri of any distance. Intervals are also fun – I’m looking forward to doing more of them, and I think they’ll make a big impact on race-day speeds.

2. I always ride on my bullhorns, with my brakes within reach (and where I have more control) in traffic. My rides involve about 50% of this kind of riding, at least.

3. Thin padding in tri-shorts actually helps.

This weekend, we may see a swap-out of the bullhorns for drop handlebars. I’m excited to give it a try. It should help with my wonky pinky issue, too.

I taped my pinky to my ring finger for my swim yesterday. It helped. My finger wasn’t randomly flailing. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve managed to do permanent damage… but there’s really nothing I can do about that anyway. The medical tape will be moving from my climbing bag to my swimming bag for now.


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