Frankensteined Bike

This weekend I went on a nice 25 mile ride with EG. I dropped my chain twice, and I got a flat. Luckily, EG’s super awesome bike skills had my new tube in place in about three minutes, as opposed to the fifteen it would have taken me. He’s fast, too, so it was a leisurely ride for him while I tried to keep up. I’m happy with it though! The MiamiMan is 22 miles, and I’m hitting full mileage about 7 weeks out. Not at top speed, but I’m happy.

We stopped at a bike shop on the way home. I grabbed grip tape, cables, a presta valve extender, and new (used) brake levers. EG had drop handlebars lying around that he pulled off his fixed gear bike. Off with the bullhorns, on with the drop bar! The brakes are on the standard spot, and he put my shifters that were previously on the aero bars at the end of the drop handlebars. It felt awesome on the test drive, and my next ride is Wednesday!

I still need a new cassette and chain, but the bike shop didn’t have my cassette, so EG put in an order. Those will be here soon!

I ran yesterday. 1:01, covering 6.2 miles. I walked twice (only for a little bit). It was HOT. I didn’t bring water. I ran through an, um,  interesting neighborhood. It was so friendly! Funny how the poorer neighborhoods are infinitely friendlier than the nice ones. Running through the nice ones, the rich people don’t seem to smile or wave – they give off the “get out of my perfectly landscaped neighborhood” vibe. In the poorer neighborhoods, I get honked at, whistled at, cheered on, and generally entertained. I dig it. In daylight…


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