Rain Delay

Tropical Storm Nicole / Tropical Depression #16 has hindered my training for the day. Friday was supposed to be a rest day, so I’ll just shift my days and make this my rest day.

It’s also the day I realized I have accumulated a lot of bikes:

My Nishiki Mixte – my first road bike! A lovingly restored steel-framed bike.

My Fuji Aloha – my second hand tri bike from EO, with help from EG. Named “Betty White”

Sierra Quest – the newest addition. Another hand-me-down, acquired for the Lil’ Bleeder

Mongoose XR-100 – left by a friend when they moved away. Got me and PH through a Muddy Buddy, and is his ride for Lil’ Bleeder.

Luckily my house has this awkward room that used the be the garage. It’s basically weather-proof storage for my toys (bikes, scuba gear, camping gear, climbing gear, etc).

My other regulars:

My Vibram Five Fingers. I’ve been doing lots of research recently. Mid- to Front- foot strike is the way to go. These aren’t my regular shoes, but they come to the hashes, on rainy runs, and whenever I feel like my form needs attention. These really need to be thrown in the washer again.

My sweet new kicks – exactly the same as my current kicks (except a different color). They rock.

Well, I have to get back to studying for my test tomorrow.

Oh, and just for fun:

The dog, after his first Everglades hike!


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