September Wrap-up

So, for the first time ever, I logged my miles! In September:

Swim: 4h 41m 15s  – 11950 Yd

Bike: 11h 19m 50s  – 176.34 Mi

Run: 9h 48m 41s  – 56.83 M

How cool is that? Before the 10k training back in July/August, I’m pretty sure I hadn’t logged 50 miles of running in my life. I’m starting to like running. I like that my 11:00/mile or so pace feels like I can run at that speed forever. I like my endurance increasing. I like being able to run for an hour!

I did some core/ab work while rained in the other day. I can still feel it! I used to have abs of steel. I better work more on that one.

In other news, the University that I work for had a meeting this morning. They threw out a few interesting statistics.

Number of students that graduate in 6 years after entering undeclared: 0%

Number of students that fail/drop out of/withdraw from freshman math: 70%

Number of students that declare engineering that graduate in 6 years: 26%

Number of students that declare engineering that graduate in 6 years with a degree in engineering: 18%

That said, they don’t really know if these students graduate from another school. But… that’s sad. Apparently faculty retention isn’t all that hot either. Luckily, I’m staff, and my only interaction with students (aside from the 6 credit hours I’m taking because they are free as part of my employment) is when we use them as our crew to go offshore, or I have them help me out with tasks. To me, they are employees, not students. They’re also only 2-3 years younger than me. Anyway, those stats are alarming. I’m kind of happy I’m not too attached to my job here.

My dad will be here tonight! Tomorrow we’ll ride 20 or so miles, and then head to watch a race. I can’t wait to see him!


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