Monday rest day and Sunday 7-miler day have switched places. Not looking forward to that run today, but with dad in town, I didn’t really want to run it yesterday…

I drug Dad on a bike ride. He made it 40 minutes before he needed  a break. He sent me out to finish my 50 minute-out route, and picked up with me on the way back. It was slow, but nice to have the company. I also think I now know the meaning of “recovery ride”. Afterwards, we grabbed sandwiches and headed down to see the last IRL race of the season! My dad is a huge IRL fan, and I’m his only kid that likes them, too. It was a great race.

I feel good today. I’m sad I didn’t run yesterday, but I’ll make up for it today! We got up, hit church, and headed to Jazz Brunch. We hung out, watched football, played with the dog… the usual relaxing Sunday. A run just wasn’t in the cards for me.

I’m headed out at lunch for a 70 minute run. Hopefully, it’ll be 7 miles at least. I’m going to wear my new heart rate monitor for the first time! I found the HRM/watch while looking for a new watch. It’s used, but works great, and the price couldn’t be beat. We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of running, I do not like the fact that I can’t skip lunch and leave work early to go run, but I can run at lunch. Either way, that’s time missing from my work day. People around here have it in their heads that taking an hour and a half lunch is cool, but skipping that lunch and sneaking out an hour early is not cool. Weird. It makes me miss my days with the government where as long as I was at work before 9 and stayed until 2, and put in 80 hours in two weeks, I could basically make up my schedule. Oh well, these hot runs will benefit me as I continue to train and compete in South Florida, right?

I’m thinking about doing this event: http://action.lungusa.org/site/TR?fr_id=2320&pg=entry but races where you pay an entry fee AND raise a mandatory sum money turn me off. I did the Huntington’s Disease Triathlon earlier this season as a relay. Entry for individual was $90 for Oly individually, or $100 for Oly relay. OR you could skip the entry fee and raise at least $125. We opted to go the charity route, and raised almost $300.  I hate asking people to donate so often. And a $15 fee PLUS $100 in fund raising is too much for me to cover solo. We’ll see though, I might change my mind.


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