The neighborhood

So, I live in a crappy neighborhood. It’s not terrible, but not great. I’ve never been afraid or run alone at night. My car was broken into back in May, but I chalked that up to both of the street lights in front of my house being out, and my car being parked in front of the side yard fence, not the house.

A few weeks ago, the house across the street from me was broken into. I found out, because the homeowner stopped by and talked to my roommate.  He asked if we had seen anything suspicious and told us to be careful.

This morning, the lady who live across the street stopped me as I was loading my bike into my car. She said her house had been broken into yesterday while she was at work. She said I need to be careful and keep my doors and windows locked. But, this is the disturbing part. She has two dogs, and the intruder/burglar HURT her dogs. She didn’t go into detail, but she said they were doing ok.

I have renter’s insurance. If someone comes and steals things, I’ll recover. In fact, I’m really not too attached to any of my possessions. (my renter’s insurance is for full cost replacement, too! And I have nice things, but they aren’t what someone would be looking for – no jewelry, fancy computers, electronics, or cash)  But if someone comes in and hurts Duke… I don’t know what I’d do. It sucks, because I moved to this part of town FOR Duke. It was the only place I could really afford to have a yard for him. I would hate for that decision to lead to something that harms him! Aside from Duke’s run-ins with poisonous toads and falling off my bed and sliding around on the hardwood floors, he’s been safe. He’s been calmer, too, because when he wants to go run wind sprints in the backyard, he can. I might be starting to sound like a crazy dog lady, but that’s just how I feel. Duke’s my buddy. I’ve adopted him about 1.5 years ago, and since then, he’s been the only constant in my life (changed jobs, changed boyfriends, changed states, etc.) with the exception of my long-distance friends and family. And for your enjoyment – a picture of me and Duke taken shortly after adoption. It’s a permanent fixture on the wall of the place I adopted him from. They have a photo-wall dedicated to successful adoptions.

I took yesterday off from training. I don’t know what my problem was, but I got dizzy EVERY TIME I stood up or quickly moved my head. I figured with a brick on the agenda, it was better to skip that than to risk passing out mid-ride or mid-run, right? I’m currently debating to skip the brick, or do some rearranging or…? I did some core work and went to kickball, because we have such a big team that I basically just stand around for an hour.

I woke up late, and brought my bike to work, but forgot to bring clothes. Go me. At least if someone breaks into my house today, my bike is safe… It sucks though, because I don’t get to spend a lot of time with PH because of his crazy new work schedule, so I really don’t want to hit the pavement for an hour and a half on one of the two nights a week that we have legitimate time to spend together. Sometimes, I can drag him with me, but he’s not quite at my level of fitness. So bricks = not done together, but lots of other stuff can be!

Lunch time. I’m going to stop thinking about training and just do SOMETHING this afternoon.


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