I have one of those.

So, I stopped whining and did a brick yesterday afternoon.

Me and Betty White (my Fuji Aloha’s name) took off for an hour long ride. We hit Perimeter Rd around the airport – my usual spot:

I let my mind wander and was amazed at the efficiency of this airport. There are two runways, but they only use one, and the runway and takeoff/landing pattern is determined by the weather.  It was fun to watch one take off, one land, one take off, one land… I probably could have set my watch to the timing of it all.

Another thing I pass on this route is the animal shelter. Yup, the county one where all of the lost dogs initially end up, and the place where they euthanize dogs for various reasons. It always makes me sad, but on my ride yesterday, I realized we don’t even have human healthcare figured out in this country, so how can we possibly handle those dogs? … sad. My dog ended up being saved from a kill list at a shelter. If I could adopt more, I would. But Duke is a one-dog-home kind of dog. Adopt/donate/spay/neuter/love 🙂

On my second loop, a car pulled up next to me and slowed down. Keep in mind, wind was about 14mph yesterday, gusting over 20mph

Dude: I have one of those.

Me: What?

Dude: I have one of those.

Me: A bike? (thinking: you have a bike? great. lots of people have bikes)

Dude: How often do you ride.

Me: I dunno. A few times a week.

Dude: Here?

Me: Sometimes.

Dude: What days?

Me: It varies (thinking: are you really still driving 16mph and holding a conversation with me instead of watching the road??)

Dude: (something inaudible due to wind)

Me: (break and turn left behind him)

Weird. Anyway, I got home, and PH was already there! I wasn’t expecting him to be there yet. He didn’t have his running clothes, so he hopped on his mountain bike to ride with me while I ran 3ish miles. I wish I could always have a cyclist with me when I run! I get company, and I don’t have to worry about my pace vs. their pace, getting ahead, lagging behind, whatever. It was enjoyable! Still holding those training runs under 10:00/mile!

I biked to work for the first time today! It’s about 9 miles. It was enjoyable. I hope I can do it more, but it’s only an option 2 days a week, and even on those days I have obligations that require me to have my car :-/. Oh well. I’ll enjoy it when I can – I should be able to bike in on Monday, too!

I got into work today and found out WHY the boss-lady wants to have a meeting with me. Someone at work decided to throw a hissy-fit and call her (that’s like 3 levels above my head!) when they couldn’t find me. I was in my Lab Practical Exam, during the same time I’m in lab every week, and I didn’t answer my phone. I called as soon as I left lab and saw I had a message (note: the call was only to find out where I was, it wasn’t even like something important was going down). Meanwhile, the boss was called, and it was implied to her that I’m a total flake at work… by someone that has seen me on the same schedule since the beginning of the semester. I feel like boss-lady already has a beef with me for silly reasons:  I’m taking advantage of the 6 credit hours I’m allowed to take because I’m a university employee, and they’re not in my field. She thinks it’s too much for me to handle and is considering changing the policy in our department to a policy that only allows classes in our field. I currently have an A and a B in those classes, AND I’m making up for the ~3 hours that these have me away from my desk by coming in way early, which no one notices because no one else is here early. Ok, enough of that. I’m not meeting her until early next week, so things will have calmed down by then.

Tonight, I’m watching the Phillies playoff game with PH, and then maybe heading out. Or maybe going for a run. Or sleeping. We’ll see. Despite the previous paragraph, I’m in a good mood because the weekend is a few short minutes away!!!


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