Trainer today?

My bike commute home went just as smoothly as my commute in ūüôā

Unfortunately, I didn’t commute on my bike today. I’m going to run at lunch, and I really need to stop and buy dog food and groceries. The place I get Duke’s food from is a feed store with really limited hours. And for some reason, the idea of biking home with a 35lb bag of dog food didn’t sound like the best idea I ever had. I’m still getting used to taking my water bottle out of the cage, drinking from it, and replacing it without an epic wipeout.

Yup, my dog gets fru-fru all-natural dog food. Why? Well, the first reason is because that’s the food he was being fed when I adopted him. I tried to switch it out, but he produced a stench of biblical proportions. Seriously. It was bad. Also, with a little bit of research, I think it’s a good idea to keep him on something with less filler. It’s probably 2x the cost of the cheap brands, but he’s a happy, healthy dog, so we’ll stick with it!

My 5 miler on Saturday morning was good. I finally got to see the swing bridge in operation! Sure, I had to wait for it (2:30, not that I’m counting…), but whatever. It was neat!

(picture from ftl

Today, I’m supposed to get my bike trainer in the mail! It’s exciting! I’ve been coveting this since I found it, and managed to find it used for 1/2 price. My 1up USA (ok, a stock picture from the website…):

I put off my long ride this weekend to see if I can crank out some time on it. I really need to find better places to do my long rides. I love the airport, but the loop from my house, around it, and back is only like 13 miles. Most routes involve a ton of traffic and lights, or having to do multiple loops. I also really want to see how it goes when I try to cycle continuously for 2 hours. ¬†I’ve got Mad Men Season 1 Disc 3 waiting for me. Now, I’m still not sure how Duke will react to the trainer, but we’ll see. I thought about just doing it as an outdoor ride yesterday, but I had too much going on in my head, and I would have¬†over-analyzed¬†the shit out of everything. Maybe I can convince work to let me put my trainer at my desk…

Some days, outdoor training is the escape I want. Some days, that’s just too much Me time. So, now soon, for those days, I can ride and watch TV/listen to music/listen to books/read books/study/do whatever distracting activity I want.

I think I realized what my problem with cycling is. If I’m tired, I can coast for a bit and the bike doesn’t stop. This doesn’t translate to running or swimming. If I suddenly stop my legs while running, I’m assuming I’d faceplant. If I stop while swimming, I start to just float there. I guess it’s a mental thing, because if I can run for an hour without stopping my legs, I can ride for an hour, right?

Off to finish up some work and hit the pavement for a nice lunchtime 4.5 miler.


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