I’m an Anatomy Genius

Thats right. You heard it here first! We had our first lab practical last week. I aced it. Cells, tissues, and bones were identified, along with their purpose or location, to 94% accuracy. Today, we began dissection labs. I skinned a cat! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The cats look kind of fake. My group’s cat is enormous! He’s like twice the size of some of the other cats. We’ll be using them for a few weeks to learn about muscles. I’m really digging this Anatomy stuff!

I got my new trainer yesterday! It’s everything I thought it would be and more. I cranked out two hours on it to make up for my missed long ride over the weekend. I thought I was doing great today, but my swim was pretty slow, which tells me otherwise. Ok, it wasn’t SLOW, but I just couldn’t pick up the speed! The best news about the trainer? Duke (who acts like he wants to rip the throat out of anyone riding a bike) is TOTALLY cool with the trainer. He brought me toys and tried to get me to play while I was riding. So, we’ll see if this helps dissolve his fear/hatred of moving bicycles.

I’m doing a sprint tri this weekend, and I still haven’t decided what to do about my training. I have a 30min medium run on the schedule for tonight – and a kickball game! Tomorrow is a 1000yd swim and a 60min bike. Friday is a 40min run. I think I’ll keep all of that the same, and maybe try to ride on Friday, too. I’ll give myself off on Saturday and Monday, and move my long run that’s schedule for Sunday to Tuesday? Hm. Decisions, decisions.


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