Night Rider!

Yup, I finally made it out for a ride at night. First, I stopped off at Downtown Bicycles to get a light! I knew I had an old tail light lying around, but my headlamp was fubar from an unfortunate accident (alcohol may have been involved – but all riders and equipment made it home safe except for that headlight). Anyway, I picked out a new set for me:


Cateye light - from


And I picked up just a head light for PH:


Giant light from


I’m not comfortable riding alone at night just yet, so it was nice to have a buddy.

The Cateye HL-EL135 is a phenomenal little light. It came in a box with the TL-LD130 tail light. It was $30 for the combo, and came with batteries. I felt like I could see the ground well, and that traffic could see me well, too. Both lights had a solid on mode, and at least one flashing mode.  My only complaint is that the mount for the tail light wasn’t long enough to fit around the base of my stem, because my bike is one of those tear-shaped aero frames. It would have fit around my actual stem, but my saddle bag was there. I made it work, though!

The The Giant Quark 1 Halogen Light wasn’t so great. It wasn’t bright at all. In fact, it’s going back to the bike store to be exchanged for something much brighter. It was supposed to have a solid on mode and a flashing mode, but that didn’t happen. It was only solid.

The ride was great! The air had been still and sticky all day. There wasn’t a breeze at night, but it finally cooled off. The ride was very enjoyable!

I realized yesterday that my training (with the run shifted from Wednesday to Thursday) I did more than a sprint tri. Cool!

Off to SCUBA dive! I’m a Scientific Diver-In-Training, and I’m going to go count lion fish! Check out NPR’s story of the pretty but invasive fish.


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