Last night, I hung out with Patrick until he left for work around 10. I read, watched some of my most recent Netflix delivery – How I Met Your Mother, Season 5 – and basically chilled out. Duke was REALLY itchy. I gave him a Benadryl. It didn’t help. I gave him a bath and another Benadryl. It still didn’t help. Then I found one – a flea!

I drove out to the 24hr Walgreens around 2am. I bought flea-killing shampoo, flea-killing spray for the dog, and flea-killing spray for surfaces. I sprayed my bed, the couch, Duke’s rugs, and everything else I could think of. I herded Duke into the bathroom for round 2 of a bath. With extra help, I can do that outside, but on my own, I have to put him somewhere he can’t escape. He doesn’t really like baths. My bathroom looked like a war zone, but I had a significantly less itchy dog. The shampoo didn’t kill ALL of the fleas. I started following him around and spraying the flea-killing spray on every spot he scratched. He didn’t really like that. He  started running away from me every time I had that spray bottle in my hand.

Around 4am, the sheets were clean, the bed was made, and I could finally crash. Duke more or less stopped scratching and would actually come near me again because I wasn’t spraying him with flea killer every two minutes.

Anyway, I’m taking today to do a short, easy ride and some transition practice! Tomorrow is my first tri with clipless pedals, and I don’t want to hurt myself / look stupid / get in anyone’s way / etc…


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