Becoming a runner?

So, after my tri on Sunday, I took it easy. By that I mean, I hashed on Monday and ran the first 1/2 of trail, then walked back to the start. But I didn’t do anything else.

Last night, I set out on a 75 minute run. I’m experimenting with Gu/Shot Blocks/various other other things so that I know what I like and I can eat it during the MiamiMan in a few weeks. I had some choices, because I bought myself a nice sample of flavors and brands from Runner’s Depot a few days ago. My roommate said that Espresso Love Gu sounded like a good Tuesday choice, so I went with it.

Espresso Love Gu from

I hit the ground running at what felt like a good pace. I’ve stopped planning my routes, stopped bringing music, and I’ve even managed to minimize looking at my watch. It’s starting to be FUN.  I was looking forward to my run for most of the day. I enjoyed the hour and seventeen minutes I spent out there. I know it won’t be like this every day, but I could get used to this!

I took my Gu about halfway into the run. Dang, was it tasty! The texture was good, too.  I was surprised. And happy! I enjoyed the sights and sounds of downtown around sunset. It was awesome.

In case you’re wondering: 1:17:40, 7.8 miles, 9:58 pace. Not stoked about the time, but considering that I wasn’t totally recovered from Sunday, and it was the longest run I’ve ever done, I can’t really complain. Plus, I felt like I could keep going!!

Anyway, post run:

Strength training, dinner, wine, and giving the dog a bath. We’re still battling the fleas, but I think I have the upper hand.  I’d really like to know who invented that flea shampoo…


1. get your 60lb dog into the bathtub

2. wet 60 lb dog.

3. lather 60 lb squirmy dog with flea shampoo

4. wait 5 minutes. 5 minutes?!?! With a squirming, soapy dog that’s almost 1/2 your weight and not too excited about being kept in a bathtub?!?! meanwhile your roommate hears noises and thinks there is an amateur wrestling match going on in the bathroom.

5. rinse

6. dog shakes off and soaks everything

7. towel dry

8. clean up the bathroom that now closely resembles a war zone.

9. shower, because you are now covered in dog hair and flea shampoo

He’s scratching less, and I re-treated every surface in the house that could be home to fleas. Hopefully, we’re all clear soon.

Today is Anatomy Lab – cat dissection part 2!, a brick, and a kickball game!


One response to “Becoming a runner?

  1. Try using just plain dish soap. you will watch the fleas just fall right off almost immediately

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