My brick was a great/awful brick yesterday. The bike was great. Averaged 17mph. Did the airport loop twice. It’s fun because it’s almost always windy, so my rides usually go tailwind, crosswind, CRAZY headwind, no wind (blocked by raised roads), tailwind… Of course the I enter/exit the loop in the middle of the stretch where I always have a tailwind. So, I hit the road I take home feeling good and decided to go for another lap. I was somewhat regretting that decision as I hit the headwinds.

Onto the run… it sucked. 10 min miles. I knew it was slow. It felt awful. But, I did it. I guess I can’t ask much more than that, right?

I swam after work today and felt ok. I still have to do some bike intervals, but I’m waiting on some company for that ride…

…back to the anatomy studying!


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