Longest workout EVER

So, my training plan called for me to cover pretty much the distance of the race I’m doing in three weeks on Saturday.

Swim: 1050 yds. The plan called for 1500, but the race I’m doing has a shorter swim. The swim went well. I feel more than ready for my race day swim.

T1: Drove from the pool to PH’s place. I was going to just bike from the pool, but some creepy old dude watched me deck change at my car (deck change = swimmer lingo for using your towel to cover yourself while you change in public). Creepy old dude then said that I should hide my valuables because cars often get broken into here. (really? they’re gonna smash and grab in a park parking lot in broad daylight?). Anyway, I got changed, drove, and hit the road.

Bike: Started out fine. Came upon a slow biker (like 12mph). I went to pass him. I looked, and there was a steady stream of traffic. I picked a gap, stayed close to the other biker, and apparently really pissed off an approaching SUV. I heard someone lay on their horn. As soon as I passed the other bike, I went back on the shoulder. The SUV, a tan Ford Explorer branded with NASCAR logos, slowed next to me. A bleach-blond bi-otch (BBB) started screaming at me:

BBB: What the $#@* are you doing, you stupid #@$^%? You’re not supposed to ride in the road like that?

Me: We can ride two abreast in Florida, it’s the law.

BBB: Not in the #@$&*@!@ road, you ##!@#!

Me: It’s the law, look it up.

She continued to scream obsenities at me. I stopped listening. She did this for about 1/4 mile, going 17mph in a 30mph zone, with cars honking behind her. I decided to interuppt her tirade.

Me: You’re holding up traffic.

BBB: No, YOU’RE holding up traffic you !@$&#*$#%(@!!!

I gave her the one finger salute as she drove off. I understand that it is inconvenient to slow down for cyclists riding two abreast. I generally avoid it unless traffic is really light, or in this case, if I’m passing. But it’s also wrong to disrespect people like that. I didn’t scream back, didn’t curse at her, but the one finger salute made me feel better.

Further up the same road is this gem of a sign:


Bike law sign on A1A


I hope she saw it, realized that two riders is less than “more than two”, and felt like a jerk.

My ride went well after that. Wind gusts almost forced me off my bike three times. It was REALLY windy this weekend, and it only got rough in areas were tall buildings obstructed the wind. Those areas are filled with crazy gusts from unpredictable directions.

The only remaining incident was when a driver from oncoming traffic made a left turn in front of me, and stopped with his car halfway into a parking lot. I slammed on my brakes, swerved, and yelled. It was a crowded part of town, and lots of bystanders had interesting comments. I just picked up my speed and moved on.

Drivers, please be alert for cyclists.

T2: Grabbed water. Got changed. Grabbed PH.

Run: We averaged just over 10min miles, which was good, considering we took some walk breaks and water fountain breaks. It got hot. The wind that was present on the bike seemed to subside. We suffered through 6+ miles.  I was very happy when it was over.

I was pretty sore for the rest of the day. We grabbed food, dropped in on a hash pub crawl that was going on, and left to watch the Phillies game. Phillies lost when Howard stuck out looking. It was a pretty fitting way to end the season.

Sunday was pretty lazy as I recovered from my “practice” tri on Saturday.

This week is packed with stuff, but I get a nice vacation this weekend 🙂


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