So, I was feeling like my workouts this week took a back seat to other obligations. I had two tests and a quiz this week.

Looking at my training log, I only missed a brick yesterday. I might do that today instead of the swim and bike that are on my schedule. Swimming is my strong event anyway. But I still feel like I’m neglecting my workout! Is that normal? Maybe it’s just mental, and because my thoughts have been on school and work, and not my workouts.

I rocked my Health and Fitness Test. I dominated my Anatomy and Physiology Lab quiz. I think I did well on my Anatomy and Physiology test this morning. So, I’ll call it a success.

While riding the trainer and studying sounds brilliant, it’s a pain! I forget a book, drop my pen, need more paper, forgot sticky notes, or whatever, and I have to get off the trainer and walk around hardwood floors in cycling shoes (slippery!) to get myself back on track. Being a little scatterbrained does not help this.

Work has me pretty annoyed this week. I basically got an e-mail from a co-worker saying that my projects weren’t important and my use of resources was interfering with what is actually important. Really? I leave for Key West tomorrow afternoon, and I’ve mentally checked out for the week already, thanks to that e-mail. I’m trying to be moderately productive. A swim at lunch should help!

For now, I’m going to crank up the Buffett and reggae, and push through to the end of the day.


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