So, I set out on my run last night with the intention of really working it. I wanted to push myself. I wanted to feel the run.  I wanted to kick it and make me feel better about my lost mileage over the weekend.

Armed with my new hat from my little brother, I hit the ground running.

(side note on the hat: late birthday present. I went to a nerd school, and I’m incredibly happy to have a family member do the same. The kid is a genius. I like to rep the “Institute of Technology” schools)

I flew. I was hurting. I hit the bridge that’s just over a mile from my house in no time. I felt like a runner instead of a jogger. I was breathing hard. I ignored everything in my body telling me to stop and slow down. I sped by my favorite bars.


My route, along the New River, through Downtown. Picture from the Sun Sentinel


I finally got near home. At the school about 1/2 mile from my house, I allowed myself to slow down a bit. I was on the verge of stopping, so I decided I could finish at a slower pace. As I slowed down, I started to feel good again! I crossed my “finish line” (it’s actually the crack in the road that’s about 50 meters from my front door – for some reason, I have adopted this as my finish line for all runs where I come home from the north) and walked inside, dripping with sweat.

I run with a watch. I don’t map in advance. I don’t have a GPS. I sat down to map it, thinking that I better have run at least 9-9:30 min miles. I ran 8:43. I was on an 8:30ish pace before the high school. I’m so incredibly happy with myself right now.

Oh, and I feel great today.

In other news, I’ve been considering purchasing a house.


-mortgage would be lower than rent

-actually gain equity

-can afford safer neighborhoods. My neighborhood has burglary problems, but I have no problem running in it at night


-rats/bugs/ovens/air conditioners become my problem, not my landlords

-would probably have to move further from downtown

-would be tied down. I’ve lived in 7 cities in the last 3 years.

I’m thinking that I’m better off installing a security system in my rental and resigning my lease. I’ll keep searching and see what happens


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