So, I spent the weekend in New Jersey with the family. It was quite chilly. Temps dropped here in Florida, too, over the weekend.

It was really nice to get to run with my little sister. It made it more enjoyable to hit the pavement with someone else. Biking is also a lot better when you get to explore, rather than hit your usual trails. Plus, fall is so PRETTY!

Riding this morning was chilly with 20+mph winds!

The tri is now less than a week away. Right now, the weather should be mid 60s (low) to low 80s (high). It sounds about right.

How my goals are looking:

Goals as of 9/3:

Swim: 14 minues is a 1:19/100yd pace. We’ll go with 15:00. I’ve been training at about a 1:30 pace. 1:20 is race realistic.

T1: 4:00 (based on previous results)

Bike: Still 18pmh. Still ambitious. 1:13:20, so we’ll call it 1:15.

T2: 2:00 (based on previous results)

Run: So, my hour goal time has turned into 1:03 and change. I think 1:05 sounds good, because I like multiples of five. That’s a 9:50 pace.

Total time: 2:41:00. We’ll see how that goes.

Refined Goals as of 11/8:

Swim: under 15:00. 1:25/100 yd pace.

T1: 3:00 (they moved transition closer to the swim exit. not really sure what to expect.)

Bike: Still 18mph UNDER GOOD CONDITIONS. Still ambitious. 1:13:20, so we’ll call it 1:14. Under windy conditions (like we’ve been having recently) this could vastly change. I think 16mph would make me happy if the winds are really blowing, which would be about 1:22.

T2: 2:00 (based on previous results)

Run: Sub hour. With my speed recently, I’m almost certain that I can do it. I did 9 min miles for 3.4 miles off of a 45 min bike ride. If I’m not sub hour, I’ll be disappointed.

Total time: 2:34:00. Or 2:42 if it’s windy.

Of course, there are plenty of things that could throw this one off. A flat tire, a dropped chain, a stop to use the bathroom… 🙂

I feel really prepared, except for on the bike. Though, I still managed almost 16mph for an hour this morning in winds strong enough to call for a small craft advisory. Plus, if I’m not prepared, there isn’t much I can do while I’m less than a week away from race day!

I’m looking forward to finishing this tri, and shifting gears to running for a while. I think I need a break from biking so I can re-learn to like it 🙂 The local loops are getting repetitive! I want to break out the mountain bike and play off-road for a while. I feel like my tri bike is so serious.



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