Tomorrow is my A race!

I just got back from packet pick-up / check in / bike drop off / expo for MiamiMan.

This is my first race with assigned transition spots – and guess who is right on the end of the rack? Me!

Pole Position

Pole Position!

(don’t worry, I put my bike directly on the sticker after this picture)

Everything went smoothly. You got to pick your race shirt. They had a few short sleeved options and one long sleeved options. The short sleeve was the same style as the Miami Equalizer and the Tradewinds 4th of July, so I went for long sleeves. I really liked having a choice. They had quite a lot of goodies in the bags, including a race belt! There were a few food samples, some magazines, a towel…

T-shirt and visor

Visor and back of shirt - check out those gator eyes!

Front of Shirt

Front of Shirt

The expo was small, but good. I picked up an $11 pair of Zoot running shorts – they have a zipper pocket! I snagged a few freebie water bottles, too. I need a few more spares so when I leave them at work, in my car, on my bike, on my boyfriend’s bike, etc, I have a clean one to grab and go right away.

I got the opportunity to try out some products for Sports Alpaca. They are just getting their start as a company. They make their products out of ALPACOR®, which is a blend of Alpaca fibers with other natural and synthetic fibers. Here I am, rocking the compression socks the night before the race, and I’ll wear the ankle-height socks on race day!


Rocking my Sports Alpaca Compressions socks!

Today I have big plans to rest and clean. Maybe I’ll wash the dog again. Speaking of the dog, he keeps picking up fleas outside! All of the flea treatments don’t instantly kill them, so they at least get to bite him before they die. He’s missing hair in small patches from all of the scratching. I bought an anti-itch spray with hydrocortizone that seems to help a lot. Poor, itchy dog.

I’m very excited for race day! Taper has left me feeling lazy, under-trained and generally not productive. LET’S GO! I’m ready to race!


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