MiamiMan Race report


Woke up, forced the dog to go outside to pee, and started getting ready. Applied tri tats (too cool!), got dressed, packed the cooler, and we were off.


Not entirely happy, but I’ll take it. The only person in my age group to beat me was wearing a wetsuit. The first buoy was so close to the start, so that turn was pretty violent. It felt fine, I just wish I could have gone faster.


Swim Exit 1

Swim Exit


Had to wipe wet grass off of my feet. Otherwise, it was quick. With the exception of not clipping in on the first tri, it was smooth.





I hopped on the bike, clipped in, and dropped my chain… I’m long overdue for a new chain and cassette, so this wasn’t completely unexpected. I shifted into high gear and managed to get the chain back on without dismounting. My computer wasn’t working right. The readouts were all over the place. So, I just decided to ride. On the way out, the wind was pretty minimal. I was feeling good, and I thought I was making good time. I couldn’t remember my goal time, and the math I was trying to do to figure it out in my head wasn’t working for me either. So, I rode. Hard, but not too hard. I guess it worked for me. The wind picked up, and I was riding against it on the way in. I think it slowed me down a bit, but it wasn’t terrible. It was about 10mph I think.



Bike - just after the turn around


Didn’t take my feet out of my shoes for this one. The run to transition had some gravel, some grass and some asphalt. Ran one rack too far, returned to my rack, and everything went smoothly.

At this point, I was tired, but doing ok. I knew 6.6 miles was a long way to the finish line, but I was ready.





Started, felt ok, then got hit with a terrible sidestich that lasted for three miles! I quickly realized, after walking a bit, that I had no back-up plan. I wish I had set one for myself that was a run/walk plan, because I just felt LOST. I wish I had found a running buddy. Lots of people seemed to be struggling. After a few weeks of cool weather, I’m pretty sure it was back in the 80s in the sun. The parts through the zoo were cool – we ran right by the elephants!



Run - with Elephants!


Met initial goals for the race. Didn’t meet revised ones, but I learned a lot. I think I needed to consume a lot more calories that I did during the race. 1 Gu on the bike didn’t cut it. I want to do another Olympic now!



Finish - I totally chicked the guy behind me

Road Ahead:

-Decide to do/not do 70.3 in May

-start training for Ragnar!


2 responses to “MiamiMan Race report

  1. Thanks for checking out my site. I like your blog a lot!
    Great race report; now on to Ragnar eh? Have you done Ragnar before? I did it for the first time last year, and it was something I’ll never forget.

  2. This will be my first Ragnar. For some reason, I decided to organize the team… not my best idea, but I’m really excited! My team is friends and family, and we should have a blast!

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