Sports Alpaca Socks – Part 1

Gear review time!

A good friend of mine hooked me with a few pairs of Sports Aplaca socks. They are made from ALPACOR®. According to the website:

“The Alpaca fiber has been the staple in creating the natural yarns, fabrics and functional garments used by the Quechua and Aymara Indians in the high Andes Mountains of Peru since before the time of the Incas. Thanks to the vision and determination of Dr. J. Frederic Blitstein, a revolutionary new proprietary yarn has been created. The result is a new breed of true performance natural blend fabrics. After five years of development and testing, SportsAlpaca LLC. is hitting the market with ALPACOR®.”

Ok, so how well did they perform?

I was give three pairs: a knee-high compression pair, a mid-calf boot pair, and an ankle-height pair. I’ve worn them each a few times.

The great ankle-height pair test #1: MiamiMan.

Ankle Socks

Ankle Socks

The socks didn’t make their appearance until T2, because I don’t wear socks with my cycling shoes. I ran into transition in my cycling shoes, racked the bike, and pulled the shoes off. My feet were wet. Were they still wet from the swim? Was it all sweat? Either way, it didn’t matter. I didn’t dry my feet, I just pulled the socks on, slipped into my running shoes, and ran out of transition. My first thought? Man, these socks are soft. Really soft. My feet felt good. My legs didn’t, but that probably had something to do with swimming 1050 yards and cycling 22 miles…

During the 6.6 mile run, I forgot about the socks. I had planned on paying closer attention to provide better feedback for the manufacturer… but I guess this is the biggest compliment I can give them. I was sweating profusely. At every aid station (yes, all SIX of them), I either ran through a make-shift sprinkler, or poured water on myself. My shoes and socks were wet through the whole race.

Post-race, I pulled off my shoes and socks. The socks were still pretty wet on top from all of the water that trailed down my sweaty self to my feet. The soles were relatively dry. My feet were completely free of hot spots, blisters, and discomfort.

I’d call it a success.

Since my discovery of Under Armor socks, I have done every race/event in them… until this one. I may be a convert.

Look for Part 2 (Kilimanjaro) and Part 3 (Ragnar Relay) of my SportsAlpaca testing. Now if I can only convince my friend to hook me up with some base layers made from ALPACOR®.

Boot Socks

Boot Socks


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