All weekends should be this good

So, with Ragnar Relay just over a month away, it’s full running mode here.

Friday, I ran just over 3 miles. I was at happy hour by 7 and out until 2am.

Saturday, I slept in. It was great 🙂 Patrick and I went on a quest for khaki pants for him, and a cheap foam roller stand-in for me. I ended up with a piece of PVC pipe that I plan on coating in something softer. For now, it works. I also drug Patrick on a 7.5 mile run followed by mandatory foam roller time. We went to a great place called Mandolin for dinner, with my friend from college who was in town with her husband. She’s 6 months pregnant – and about the size of a basketball! She’s happy, healthy, and excited. It was so good to see her! After that, we went back up to Fort Lauderdale to meet some friends for beers.

Sunday, I took Patrick to his first auto race! A friend scored some free tickets to the final race of the NASCAR season. It was a fun experience. NASCAR isn’t exactly my favorite, but the crowd is always very entertaining. We parked the car and heard “Whaddya thing? It’s about a three beer walk to the gate?” “I dunno, but I gotta crack one open. My cooler is heavy!” Patrick, who was tired from getting too little sleep, immediately perked up and was excited for this cultural experience.

We got back from the race, and Patrick went off to work, and I went for a run. It was SLOW.

All of this running is preparation for the Florida Keys Ragnar Relay. As of right now, I’m runner #6 on our 12 person team. Each person runs three times. My running distances are 3.2 miles through the streets of Miami, 7.8 miles through Key Largo, and 4.1 miles across Cudjoe Key. Most of the runners have a short, long, then short run. The whole race should take less than 33 hours.

To me, the Beginner plan looks ok, but the Intermediate plan looks more Advanced. They say the beginner plan is for people that don’t really run, and the Intermediate plan is for people who run 20-30 miles a week! What about those of us that do 10-20 a week? Anyway…

The Beginner plan looks like this:

Ragnar Beginner Plan

Ragnar Beginner Plan - From

The Intermediate plan looks like this:

Ragnar Intermediate Plan
Ragnar Intermediate Plan – From

I might run a bit more than the program calls for. I will be out for two of the final three weeks of training (summiting Kilimanjaro!) so I’m going for a strong, steady, injury-free base that’ll pull me through.’

Happy short work week, (almost) everyone!


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