So, a friend talked me into going to an Adult Tumble class at a gymnastics place nearby.

I used to be a gymnast, from age 3-11, I think. So, my gymnastics career ended over half a lifetime ago!

They have a cheesy video on the website advertising the class.

So, what did $10 and about an hour of my time get me?

-20 to 30 minutes of warm-up, including suicides, lots of jumping, lots of forward and backward rolls, carwheels, roundoffs…

-over 30 minutes of supervised free gym time!

They had floor, tons of beams, 3 sets of uneven bars, a vault (that I did not go near!), and… wait for it… a tumble track!

Tumble Track! (photo from Rockaway Gymnastics)

It’s exactly what it looks like: a long, narrow trampoline perfect for tumble passes!

My friend has videos of my awesome roundoff backhandspring on the floor, and my cartwheel on the beam! I’ll post them if I ever get my hands on them.

In related news, I’m REALLY sore today. In a good way, though. No major injuries, just a lot of muscle I forgot I had.


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