Jingle Bell Jog 5k Race Report

Time: 24:54.7

Pace: 8:02

So, when I signed up for this race, I really wanted to go under 8:00/mile. Thursday night was adult gymnastics. My back and hamstrings were pretty sore Friday, with no signs of letting up. So, I decided to scrap my goal time, and just see how fast I could go. I had a few beers on Friday but I went to bed early.

Saturday morning, I woke up, dressed in all red and green, and hit the road. I jogged about 1/4 mile from my car to the check-in table, then jogged another 1/4 mile from there to the port-a-potties to the starting line. I thought I was running late, but it ended up being prefect timing! I had a few minutes to stretch before the race started.

The race was pretty sweet. The roads were flat and wide. I just started running to see how I could do. I come up to the first mile marker, and what do I see? 7:58. Hey, maybe I can do this!

Mile 2 went well. After the Mile 1 sign, I took off my long sleeved shirt… which was under my short sleeved shirt. So, in reality, I removed both shirts and put the short sleeved one back on. This isn’t a method I’d usually use for a race, but I had on red shorts, a red long-sleeved shirt, a green short sleeved shirt over the red one, and green knee socks. I was definitely in the Christmas spirit!

I come up to the Mile 2 sign, and the clock is ticking just past 16 minutes. Darn. Maybe I won’t get under 8min/mile, but I can at least aim to beat my 25:03 from my last tri! I was out there running alone though, and during the tri, I found an amazing running buddy. So, I decide to pick it up. I start picking out a person and catching them. I was feeling good!

Mile 3 comes up, and the clock reads 23:55. I might break an 8 min/mile pace! Then, I dry heaved. Twice. Ick. I slowed to over a 9 min mile for the last tenth of a mile.

I still broke 25 minutes! Maybe I should take this goal thing one step at a time.

I also wish I had done just a bit of interval training, but oh well. I really can’t complain. Let’s consider that at the Hemingway Days 5k back in 29:03, at a 9:21 pace. I have improved a LOT in just one summer! Of course, when you start from where I did, there is plenty of room for improvement!

I celebrate this by going hashing through the Art Basel festival. It was a blast!

Sunday was Jazz Brunch. It it ALWAYS a good time. Beers and mimosas, incredible food, and fun people.

In other news…

The low for tonight is 39 degrees. No big deal, right? Wrong. Some of us South Floridians, myself included, do not have heat in their homes. I’m thinking down blanket, and forcing the dog to cuddle.


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