Packing, Part 1

This week has been really, really busy! Finally, my complaining voicing my concerns has paid off. I am actually moving my problem project in the correct direction. I have also exposed my boss to just how time-consuming my project is… so there won’t be any misunderstands that I’m just not working hard enough on it. My running has really suffered this week, because 8 hours of running around and doing manual labor leaves me a little too tired to motivate myself to run when I get home.

It’s been a good weekend so far! Friday, we hit up The Field for some tasty Irish food and drink, and some Irish music, too!

Saturday, I met with a few wonderful people from Sports Alpaca. They are hooking up myself and my 4 friends bound for the summit of Kilimanjaro with base layers, socks, balaclavas, and various hats and ear warmers. We’ll be carrying their banner to the summit and providing feedback on the products. I’ve had the socks for a while, and I love them, and I’m excited to try out the other products! I also got a lot more information on the products. The socks I have are Sports Alpaca, along with the balaclavas, hats and ear warmers. The baselayers we are getting will be PolarTherm Alpacor from Stanfield’s. They are made of the same Alpacor material. The socks are going to be at Bass Pro Shops, branded as RedHead. Everything I’ve gotten to try out / handle so far has looked like high quality stuff, and it feels soft! I like the socks a lot better than the Merino wool ones I have. We’ll see how they hold up on an 11 day African adventure!

After my meeting, Patrick and I hit the beach for a shore dive. It was chilly, visibility wasn’t great, the little jellyfish were stinging, and his octo had a small leak. Despite all of that, it was a good dive! I hadn’t been out for a while.

We headed out with the hashers to watch the Christmas Boat Parade! It was pretty neat. Nothing amazingly exciting, just a bunch of boats with lights and music and decorations 🙂

Today, I started to pack. I have a 28″x14″x14″ bag that has to hold everything. It can weigh up to 40lbs. So, we don’t need to carry food or tents, but my sleeping bag and all of my gear should fit inside. This got me thinking: what if the airline loses my bag? Sure, I have trip insurance, but what are the chances of coordinating the gear I need before the group takes off? Then, I got an idea. I’m packing almost everything in the bag, and carrying it on the plane. However, there are some essentials that can’t be in my carry-on: my knife, my trekking poles, various things in my first aid kit… I don’t want to bring an extra bag. Then it hit me! Check a cardboard box with these things. Stuff the box with packing material to secure the items in the box. When I get to the airport in Kilimanjaro, I’ll open the box, take what I need, and throw the rest out. I have zero issues checking this gear on the way home, all in the trek bag. Worst case? I scramble for a knife and trekking poles upon my arrival, or I go without. I’d also have to share some first aid and toiletry stuff (sunscreen, DEET, bactine, etc.). Best case? It all arrives, but I don’t spend a single moment on the plane worrying about my bags. I think it’s a good plan!

Anyway, I’m off to drag Patrick on a run!


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