Day 2: The trek begins!

“Day 2. Drive to Rongai and begin trekking

An early start for the long drive around Kilimanjaro to reach the village of Rongai on Tanzania’s border with Kenya. Our route takes us through Marangu and then due north, through a number of interesting settlements. At Rongai, we complete our Kilimanjaro National Park registration, meet our trek staff and set off on trek. Starting out at an altitude of around 1950 metres / 6398 feet, the very pleasant trail winds its way between farmland (maize and potato fields) and pine forest, gaining height steadily. In the forest, the animal that we are most likely to spot is the striking black and white colobus monkey. There are also lots of elephants on the tall-grass covered lower slopes of the north side of Kilimanjaro and we are very likely to meet up with some. After 4 hours trekking, the forest becomes thinner and we set up camp on the edge of the moorland zone and can enjoy excellent views out across the Kenyan plains. Altitude at camp – 2600m / 8530ft.”


Summit on bottom left, Rongai is the speck marked "A" in the distance


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