Day 7: THE SUMMIT!!!

We’ll be up as the clock hits midnight. We’re aiming for a 1am departure time! This day should have us trekking for TWELVE hours! But the excitement of the summit attempt, and the fact that after the summit we get to start hiking DOWN the mountain should be enough to keep our tried bodies moving.

Please keep me, Ryan, Megan, Phil, Sarah, our guides, and our fellow trekkers in your thoughts today – hope for a safe summit and return!

“Day 7. Ascend to summit, descend to Horombo
A very early start at around 1 a.m., as we set off by the light of our head-torches, on a zig-zag trail on rough volcanic scree. It is a tough 4 to 5 hour climb of almost 1000 metres (3000 feet) to the crater rim at Gillmans Point (5685m / 18,652ft.), which is a convenient point to rest and watch the sunrise on Mawenzi. It is a further 3-hour round trip to Uhuru Peak the high point of all Africa. Usually in the early morning, the conditions are clear and there are panoramic views over the crater, to Mawenzi and Mount Meru (4565m / 14,977ft.), looking very small below us. This part of the route takes us through a moonscape of volcanic rock and remnant glaciers with their impressive ice cliffs. The most obvious and direct way for us to trek off the peak is via the Marangu Route, and after retracing our path around the crater rim we make a rapid descent to the Kibo Hut (4700m / 15,420ft). We have lunch here, before settingoff on the long descent to our camp at Horombo (3720m/ 12,205ft). At least 12 hours trekking.”


Kilimanjaro! (from Wikipedia)


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