Day 11: The final day

As the trip ends, I’m sure we’ll be sad to leave this beautiful landscape behind. Hopefully, we all summited safely. Even if we all didn’t make it to the summit, we’ve had an amazing experience that few even embark on.

“Day 11. Visit Ngorongoro Crater for gameviewing and transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport.
Another early start to reach the Ngorongoro and make the slow descent into the crater. The vast scale of Ngorongoro (Big Hole in the Masai language) will become immediately apparent. Another observation which will be hard to avoid is that the crater floor is teeming with wildlife, from the thousands of flamingos in the shallow soda lakes, to the large herds of grazers on the open grassland, including wildebeest, zebra and buffalo. The crater also boasts several lion prides, as well as the very rare black rhino. Leopard are frequently spotted during the daytime, sleeping in the trees, and you are also likely to come across warthog, jackal, hyena, elephant several antelope species andhundreds of different species of birds in this natural amphitheatre. By midday, there is a real chance that you will have seen all of the big five. There are few places on earth where you can see so much wildlife in such a short time. Having packed a whole day into a morning, we drive back to the hotel in Arusha for a wash and brush up before transferring to Kilimanjaro Airport where KE group package services end.”

I’m out on the 10:30pm flight to Amsterdam. I’ll arrive on the 31st to celebrate New Year’s eve with the same hosers I spent last New Year’s with, but in Amsterdam instead of Whistler, BC. I’ll be back in the states on the 1st!


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