Productive Tuesday

I said it. I actually had a productive day!

I got home, ate some leftovers, digested, and headed out for an 80 minute run. As I was leaving, my roommate was doing his usual circuit-training-backyard-workout thingy.

Me: Hey, I’m headed out for a run. You gonna be around for a while?

Him: Yeah, probably. How long will you be gone?

Me: About an hour and a half.

Him: What? Are you crazy? That’s a long time to run! I think I’ll be gone.

Me: Ok, cool, I’ll bring my key. Actually it’s an 80 minute run.

Him: Oh, only 80 minutes? Liar. That’s easy.

Anyway, I was running, and realized that I had gotten into the routine of running the same route – but I have no idea where my mile markers are! So, I spent a lot of time letting my mind wander. I have since mapped the route (harder than you’d think because I follow a path for a section, not roads, and the path is anything but straight).

Mile 0-1: Familiar territory. Quiet neighborhood. Just getting loosened up.

Mile 1-2: Starts in another neighborhood. I hit a marina (with public bathrooms and water fountains – how convenient!) Then I move onto the Riverwalk. First, I pass a gym that has treadmills lined up facing the waterfront. On beautiful days, I wonder why people subject themselves to that. Yesterday was very muggy, so it was a little more understandable. I move on, dodging dressed up people who are headed to see cultural things at the Broward Center.

Mile 2-3: Onto a less busy part of the Riverwalk. I pass right by an Irish Pub and consider stopping for a drink. But, it’s just me and my Road ID… I don’t even have anything worth bartering for a pint.  As I head towards Las Olas,  the amount of rich and rude people increase. Instead of staying in a straight line, I start to dodge people. Even the people that see me coming don’t really give me space. I have to pass through a crowded section, then I’m back on a peaceful back road again, where there are friendly valets parking nice cars.

Mile 3-4: So, I didn’t make it to mile 4, but this stretch takes me from the back road onto the main road again. It’s less crowded at this end. I do run right by a diner with outside seating, and I hope everyone feels guilty that they are stuffing their face when I’m out exercising. Ok, not really. I used to walk by a Gold’s Gym all the time that had treadmills right up against the front window. I loved to eat while I casually strolled by. All those suckers running like hamsters… I head past the “downtown” part, and I’m on the main strip through a rich neighborhood with tons of waterfront. It’s really pretty.

Mile 3.8ish: Turned around and did it all again.

So, will my runs get better or worse now that I’m somewhat aware of my mileage?

Should I find a new route before I get bored with this one?

I got home, and my roommate was still there. He was studying. He’s in EMT school, and he’s headed to the fire academy. He was reading the chapter in his book about bleeding. He thought it was silly that they address nose bleeds and arm tourniquets in the same chapter. As were talking about blood, I got to make a smoothie. I grab fruit and juice, and reach behind the dish rack only to grab a broken glass that I didn’t know was there. Ouch! The cut was deep, too. Like a good EMT student, he grabbed the bandaids and paper towels. He even cleaned up the glass for me.

After the finger incident (which hasn’t quite clotted yet – it was deep!), I finally got my smoothie.

I showered.

I walked the dog. Ever since he got loose and bit a dog a while ago (other dog is fine, don’t worry), this has made me extremely nervous. I’ve decided to start small, and we’ll get back into it together. I have a big yard that we play in a lot, so he’s not fat and lazy. But, this walk went really well, and all of the training that I had feared had been forgotten came right back. I guess he’s not as dumb as he looks 🙂

I washed the dog. He’s getting really good at this, and he didn’t try to jump out of the tub once!

I cut the dog’s nails. This was more of an adventure than I’d like to admit. He really protested to the front paws, but by the time I pinned him down, I did all his nails on his back paws without him squirming away. I wonder if someone hurt him doing that before, or if he just doesn’t like it. Who knows.

I did* the 10 minute workout that came with my awesome hang board.

*by “did” I mean drastically modified to fit my abilities and my gashed up finger.

I finished reading my book.

I started reading my next book.

Now, if only I had work to do at work, I might be about to keep this momentum going…


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