8 miler at noon

Not every run is fast. Not every run is pretty. Not every run is fun… but I’m still running, and that’s what counts, right?

Today’s run was brought to you by:

Gmap-Pedometer.com – mapping routes that I don’t follow because I didn’t see the street sign and end up adding 1/2 a mile to the distance I was supposed to run

Annoying people – leaving me stewing over stupid stuff, so I actually run with music instead of dwelling on things

Wind – proving strong while running against it, and dying out while running with it

I Heart Radio – offering tunes streamed right from my CrackBerry

My legs – carrying me through and making it not seem as bad as I anticipated

Today’s post run was brought to you by:

Dole fruit cups, Polly-O string cheese and homemade beef jerky 🙂

Additionally, I have reason to believe that God doesn’t want me to swim. Number of recent days I went to the beach intending to swim or brought my gear to work intending to swim, only to have storms/wind interfere with my plans: 3. Number of recent days where the weather was perfect, but something else (such as a 8 mile run) interfered: 2.

5 failed swim attempts.


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