Another beautiful day for a swim was ruined because I had to run. BUT I did four miles at a 9:08 pace – which is a FAST run for me!

Anyway, on to the Dilemma. I got this in an e-mail today:

“CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected to participate in the 2011 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon on June 5, 2011 in San Francisco, California! We are very excited to have you join us for this amazing triathlon experience.”

I *really* want to swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco. Ever since I traveled there a few years, I decided this would be on my list of things to do. But between entry fee ($400! and you thought IM branded races were pricey!) , bike shipment or rental, flights, lodging… it seems pretty unlikely.

I got into 3 out of the 3 lottery entry races I applied for. Maybe if I wasn’t doing Canyonlands, I’d do this one.

Anyway, there is an Aquathon – 1.5 mile swim, 7 mile run, that happens in July. It’s only $130, and I wouldn’t need a bike!

BUT the weekend after that in July is Northwest Passage (Washington State) Ragnar Relay that I might be interested in…

Maybe I’ll save some of those West Coast adventures in hopes that my next move will take me out that way…


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