…and the schedule grows.

Check it out. I added a race to the schedule!

I’m doing my second Ragnar Relay in July! It’ll be the Northwest Passage one, in Washington State. A friend that lives in Arizona invited me and Patrick to join their team! So, of course, flying across the country seems like a good idea. Actually, I don’t see Chrissy nearly enough, so this will give us 30ish hours stuck in a van together 🙂

Plus, I’m almost set on deciding to register for the Miami Xterra. There is a section of the mountain bike trail that’s labeled as a black diamond. It’s crazy steep, and not something I’m really willing to attempt. So, I headed over to Beginner Triathlete to ask some experience off-road triathletes how to handle this.

My question:

So, I’ve ridden the course at Xterra Miami a few times. There’s one REALLY challenging section. I have a question:
Will people get pissed if newbies have to walk their bikes at certain sections? I’m pretty confident on the rest of the course, but there are a few killer sections on a black diamond! Of course I’d be courteous, stay out the way, and give other cyclists the right of way – but I don’t want to be a jerk.
Whats your experience with this?

The response:

You’re plan is on track. What I would do, since you know the course, is pick the spot where you’ll dismount for that section prior to the race. During the race, as you approach that spot, about 50m out, advise the riders behind you that you are dismounting at point X. It’ll sound like this “Hey just letting you know I’m getting off the bike at that / ”

That way riders behind aren’t caught off guard by your sudden pace change / dismount. Pick the fastest line to run through it and, if there riders behind you approaching fast, run through it then pull aside and let them pass. Depending on the length of the section, you may not want to stop in the middle of it to let riders pass. If it’s a sketchy section, the riders don’t want to avoid you in addition to the obstacle.

That’s how I handle certain things on course in my longer races (12/24 hour) where I know I’ll be walking each lap. If you fall before that, well, that happens too!

Have fun with it and good luck!

So, I’m really excited. I think this has given me the cajones I need to register. I think I’ll take one more trip down there before I decide 🙂 Wouldn’t that be an awesome first tri of the year??


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