I love weekends

I now have four bikes. So, they are all being named after Golden Girls actresses. Please meet:

Estelle Getty

Betty White

Rue McClanahan


Bea Arthur

Saturday morning, I took the Bea out for a ride. I  had every intention of meeting the Xterra group… but two wrong turns later, and I was 10 minutes late getting to the park. The group was gone!

As I wandered the parking lot looking extremely lost (and disappointed – I didn’t want to ride alone!) a couple stopped me and asked if I was with the women’s mountain bike meet-up group. I told them I wasn’t, but I missed my group, and they invited me to ride. They were super cool. They hauled through the easy sections. They even taught me a thing or two during the technical sections!

So, in the middle of a trail, I realize something is wrong. I can’t pedal. Turns out, my derailer had somehow shifted into my cassette! After I fixed that, I started riding, and one of the gears on my derailer just fell off! That’s what I get for taking out someone’s old ride without thoroughly inspecting and tuning…

So, Bea went to Bicycle Evolution. This is my first ever experience taking my bike to a shop to be fixed. My gear-head friend has left the state. I got a good impression from these guys. After some chatting and deciding what to do, I left her there. I hope she’s back in time for the Pangaea Adventure Race this Saturday!!!

Then, I picked up Estelle and headed to my first ever Bikeo! A bikeo is a hash, but on bikes instead of running.  As the pack started to leave, a fellow hasher dropped her chain. I stopped to help, but the chain had gotten wedged between the crank arm and the frame! I wanted to smack whoever designed the bike… after a good 15 minutes of finding tools, and prying while trying not to damage the chain, we got it! So, instead of a ride with about 20 people, it was just the two of us. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we had fun 🙂 We followed it up with some hot tubbing and a cookout.

Did I mention that it’s only February and I’m already rocking the triathlon tan? I’m developing some pretty sweet shorts and sports bra lines. I obviously need to swim more!

Sunday started with the monthly Jazz Brunch downtown. Usually, a group of friends meets and brings lots of food to share. This time, the highlight was a Bloody Mary bar. Someone brought vodka, tomato juice, Bloody Mary mix, celery, hot sauce, peppers, olives, mushrooms, pickles, garlic salt, horseradish, pepper, and basically everything you would ever think to put in one – and then some.

Ultimate Bloody Mary

Yes, that has celery, string cheese, beef jerky, tomato, olive, pickle, mushroom, and a CHICKEN NUGGET. For real.

I decided to partake, meaning that I’d have to nap, then do my long run for the weekend during the Super Bowl. I don’t regret that decision for a second. My long run was very slow, but I survived, and I feel ok today! I did 13 miles. I followed it up with a swim with Duke in his icy cold pool:

My luxury backyard pool

Then, a hot bath with Epsom salt. My legs are fatigued, but pain free. I’m a happy girl.


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