News, news and then some planning

Working on that schedule again – are you surprised?

Bad news: Miami Xterra Tri is canceled. I really don’t know why. The details are unclear. The Race Director is apparently too busy with his job to coordinate a race. I’m sad and a little disappointed, but he said he doesn’t want to put on a poorly executed race, which is understandable and even admirable.

Interesting news: They changed qualification and registrations standards for the Boston Marathon. There are mixed feelings about this in the running and triathlon community. I think it’s the right move. As a swimmer, I saw qualification standards get tougher over time. It has to follow the natural progression of the running community. It doesn’t affect me personally – I’ll never qualify. Heck, I’ve never even ran a half marathon, let alone a full one! If you want to get involved in the discussion, check out the tread about it on Beginner Triathlete or Runner’s World.

Good news: I won three pairs of Ryder’s shades from Steve in a Speedo‘s blog. If you’ve never read it, you should! Soon, I’ll be sporting these baller shades:

Defcon (Black)

Tweaker (Yellow Fade)

… and the shades that made Steve exclaim “SWEET JESUS ON A BICYCLE THESE ARE AWESOME!!!”…

20five (Neon Fade)

How cool is that?

On to planning:

Right now, I have zero tri’s planned for the season. The Half Iron in Austin is pretty close to being final for me. So, planning around that one, here is my plan:

At least one sprint before 6/5, when my 20 week 70.3 plan starts. I’m considering:

1. Miami Speed Tri: It’s an inaugural event at Homestead-Miami Speedway on 5/22.

2. Any one of a number of MultiRace events.

3. The Club Med Race Series event on 5/21.

A mid-training Olympic distance race. From advice I received, it should be done after a recovery week, so it can act like a mini taper. That leaves me July 30/31, Aug 27/28, Sept 24/25. This leave me… nothing local. Sure, I can plan for a different weekend. But does anyone know of any cool Olympic/International distance races those weekend? I’m willing to travel 🙂 If I don’t find one, I’ll just pick a cool one and fit it into my schedule. If I’m still in South Florida, I might go for a repeat of MiamiMan a few weeks after my 70.3.


P.S. I have more GOOD NEWS, but I’m not allowed to share yet 🙂 I’m anxiously awaiting the final details…


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  1. good news but wont share?

    blog tease

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