“Congratulations!  We’re pleased to announce that you have been selected to become a member of Team Odwalla.”

Thats right, this year, I’ll be racing as a proud member of Team Odwalla! Basically these are the details. Team Odwalla will outfit me and provide me with products and coupons, and I will agree to:

  • Participate in at least (3) endurance events
  • Participate in at least (1) environmentally focused charity/fundraising event
  • Distribute Odwalla product, coupons and collateral to individuals in their athletic/social network(s)
  • Share Odwalla’s passion for the environment

So, come find me at the races on the right, and I’ll hook you up with some tasty beverages 🙂

Beer mile was a great success! My roommate showed up and won the men’s field. I took second in the women’s! The girl that beat me would fall behind on the run, and then catch me while I was drinking EVERY TIME.

Pre-Beer Mile. 5 coolers of beer. 1 of water. Tony the Tiger was our turn-around marker.

It was a blast. The hashers are a crazy, wonderful crew. By the way, I have crazy amounts of leftover Budweiser in my fridge. Come drink it. Seriously.

They all have the attention span of goldfish, which is one of the reasons I love them...

Quick race report: Final Time 11:59 (under 12 minutes!)

First beer: tried to get it down quickly and allow some time to burp.

First 1/4 mile: smooth. strong pace, tried to move now because I knew it’d be harder as I got full.

Second beer: a little slower getting it down, but still doing well.

Second 1/4 mile: a little slower, too… but having fun.

Third beer: was too busy getting heckled by hashers to really pay attention. I was in the last heat, so I was getting a lot of “yeah, so you thought this was a good idea.. what do you think now?” comments.

Third 1/4 mile: concentrated on moving smoothly to not jostle around the 3 beer sitting in my stomach.

Fourth beer: the girl that won slammed her beer and took off. I tried my best, but it wasn’t good enough for a win.

Fourth 1/4 mile: first half was spent trying to keep the contents of my stomach in my stomach. As I rounded Tony the Tiger, I knew I’d make it back. I picked up the speed, and kicked it in just under my goal time.

Post race: burp a lot.

Seriously, it was a blast. I’d love to make it an annual event… but I’m not sure I’d want to do it more often than that!!

Saturday, I hit the race expo, went to lunch with Patrick’s parents, and headed to the beach! Saturday night was pretty chill because I had to be on my bike well before dawn…

I was up at 5am, just as my roommate was coming in from the bars (seriously). I grabbed my stuff and hit the road. As soon as I clipped into my bike I fell over. Note to self: clipless pedals are much harder when you’re still half asleep! I navigated my way through blockades and traffic to get to the finish line to start working. THANK YOU to the police working the course, for letting me and my bike on it before the race started! It made getting to the finish line much easier!

I showed up to a seriously understaffed finish area. I met the race director for a lot of triathlons in the area! He was a super cool guy, and I raved about a few of the races (if you’re ever in South Florida, you’ve gotta check out the triathlons on Key Biscayne!) He wasn’t the RD today, but was helping out. He put me on timing chip duty, because I knew what timing chips were.

I spent 5 hours cutting off chips, or unlacing shoes to get them off. It was great. I helped out a few people who BQed under the new rules, a ton of first-timers, a lot of PRs, and a few people that had bad races that I sent off in the direction of the beer truck. It was great. It was inspirational.  I really liked all of the people that didn’t use zip ties to attach their chips and laced them into shoelaces instead. I got to chat with these people while they stood/sat and waited for me to untie, unlace, re-lace and re-tie shoes. It was fun to have more than three seconds with them! I’m so ready for next weekend!


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