Weekend goals

So, not only do my quads STILL hurt from Sunday… but I managed to get sick.

Next weekend is a HUGE weekend for me. I’ll be running / walking / jogging / crawling my way through four races. I NEED to get healthy for this! I’ve only missed one run, but my run today is still up in the air. We’ll see how I feel after yoga and dinner. I’m hoping yoga really helps my quads – but I’ll be careful not to push it. I’m also hoping that I’ll feel good enough to run and be back to my normal self tomorrow. Oh, and I’ll be swinging by Ladies’ Night at Runner’s Depot


7:05a.m. 15K  Start

9:30a.m. 5K Start


6:00a.m. Half Marathon Start

9:00a.m. 8K  Start

My goal: Do the first race of each day fast enough to reach the finish line for the second race with some time to spare. The second race of each day will be pure survival! I’d like to walk as little as possible, but we’ll see what my body says.  They all start at the same place, and finish about 3 blocks from the starting line. In fact, they all go right down Bayshore Blvd, just with different turnaround points. The half marathon does cover some different terrain though.

If I come out of this weekend with no injuries, I’ll be a happy camper. If I make it to the start of every event on time, and through the finish line of each event, I’ll be even happier. My 13 mile training run a few weeks ago was a 2:31, so I’m sure I’ll be fine. I think I might try to hang with the 2:20 pace group, and if I fall back, I’ll be sure to not let the 2:30 group out of my sight!

I’m so excited and so nervous!

Who else does something this stupid as their first 1/2 marathon?

My second half Marathon is only a few weeks away – but that is the first one I’ll be RACING and not just SURVIVING.

Now, what should I wear? I know I’ll be in my Nike Pegasus shoes… my body isn’t quite adjusted to my minimalist shoes, so I’ll go with what I know. Though, I’d love to win the New Balance Minimus Trail Shoe from Running and Rambling!!



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