So, I didn’t run yesterday. I won’t be running today. I’m going to let my ankle heal before I try anything like that. I’ve been convinced that I shouldn’t push it. I expect my return to running to be over the weekend. My return to cycling (on the trainer so I don’t land on my foot awkwardly while stopping on the road) should be today. I’ll warm up, see how I feel, and go from there.

For me, this is my worst kind of injury. I don’t look injured (the swelling has subsided and my ankle no longer resembles a cankle). I don’t feel injured. I’m just incapable of doing what I usually do.

Today is Ash Wednesday. This marks the start of Lent! This link to Spirit Home does a really good job of describing why we give up things for lent, or add things on during lent.

What I’ll be adding: Biking to work at least once a week.

…once the ankle can handle it!  I currently drive 9 miles each way to and from work.  I have found a bike-able route that I have done before. This will be stressful and relaxing at the same time. It will also give me some mostly distraction-free time.

What I’ll be giving up: Biting my nails.

I have tackled this one before… but somehow, it never lasts much past Easter. So, here they are. Short, stubby, and with a crappy French Manicure that I did by myself.

This is where I learn about self control.


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