Heading west

…ok, so I don’t leave until Wednesday, but I’m beyond excited!

SportsAlpaca hooked me up with a new fleece! I get to test it out in cooler weather and see how I like it. It’ll be the Arc-teryx Handler fleece vs. Polartherm fleece battle.

Sports Alpaca Polartherm Fleece Alpacor

Look how soft!

We arrive on the 16th, and are spending two nights in Vegas.

On the 18th, we’re off towards Moab. We’re hoping to be able to camp that night, especially because temperatures will be above freezing overnight. It’ll be no match for camping on Kilimanjaro.

On the 19th, it’s my race day! Despite the fact that I’ve only covered about 2.5 miles since Gasaprilla, I should be back and running this weekend. I’ve also been biking a bunch. It should be a fun half – and a beautiful one. Have you seen the pictures?

From moabhappenings.com

From moabhappenings.com

How’s that for scenery? This Florida girl is going to be very happy.

Following the race, we have no real plans. My “must see” list includes:

Arches National Park

Bryce Canyon

Zion National Park

From britannica.com

The Grand Canyon

Pretty epic adventure. Unfortunately, more car time than hike time, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make to take it all in.

Can I buy and learn to use a good camera in under a week? Just kidding. Mostly. Kind of.


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