Seriously cool

Elaine’s list of things that are seriously cool:

1. DeSoto 400 mile shorts. I just picked up a pair because Runner’s Depot was having a 50% off sale on triathlon apparently . Thats right, 50% off! I had read a lot of reviews and comments about these shorts. Based on my 9 mile commute this morning, I think they were right. These are REALLY comfortable. These might be my Half Ironman shorts.

2. 50% off sales. I picked up DeSoto 400 mile shorts AND a pair of Zoot Cyclefit AND Yankz shorts for less than what the DeSoto shorts alone would have cost. The weird thing? The DeSotos are a size small, and the Zoots are size large. Hm.

3. 1upUSA trainers. My trainer has been acting up recently. Usually about 30-40 minutes into use, the resistance skyrockets. I called their customer service line, and he said that it’s just an old model and it’s wearing out. For the cost of shipping ($50), I can just get a new resistance unit. That’s amazing. I knew that they had a lifetime guarantee, but I was expecting to have to jump through a lot of hoops and stuff. All I had to do was tell them my problem and send pictures of the unit.

4. Vacation. A free, fun, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants vacation. It starts tomorrow. We have two nights booked, one race to run, and other than that, no real plans. I’m very excited.

5. Food dehydrators. We made strawberry-peach fruit roll ups for the trip. The smell is awesome. It’s a nice change to walk into the house and smell fresh fruit instead of wet dog.

6. Kayak‘s My Trip feature. You can forward all of your confirmations (hotel, flight, car) to an e-mail address, and it stores all of your information, including confirmation numbers, in one place. The application for a smartphone lets you send it all right to your calender. This is awesome, especially for the organizationally challenged that travel a lot (me!).


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