Roll with the changes…

…and that change happens to be severe pain on the lateral side of my knee. Initial diagnosis by the wonderful medical staff at the Canyonlands Half Marathon seems to be an LCL sprain.

I have sold my Cherry Blossom 10-Miler entry. The wonderful folks at the Club Med series in Port St. Lucie let me just move my entry to a tri later in the season. I registered for the Miami Mile at Swim Miami. I made a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday…

I have hid my running shoes. Ok, not really. It hurt SO bad, that I’m not even tempted to run. Swim? Totally. Bike? We’ll see. I got a new part for the trainer, so I’ll  have to install it and give it a try.

Canyonlands Half Marathon Race Report

I really wanted to run this in under two hours. I felt good. I slept well. The race was a late start (10am).  I tried to stay warm. The course was beautiful…

Mile 1 – 9:24 – too slow! Started out downhill through lots of people traffic.
Mile 2 and 3 – 17:25 – flying! I felt good, made up some lost time from the first mile, and decided to settle into a pace a little slower than those two miles.
Mile 4 – 9:03 – good. steady. happy.
Mile 5 – 9:00 – still a little fast, but I know the uphills are coming. The pace was pretty comfortable.
Mile 6 – 8:54 – really fast!
Mile 7 – 9:12 – made a conscious effort to slow down a bit. the trouble starts…

Mile 8 – 9:44 – I walked a few times, for short distances. The outside of my knee was experiencing some stabbing pain! I did some quick math and figured out I could still come in under two hours.
Mile 9 – 11:07 – Something is seriously wrong with my knee. Every impact with the ground shoots pain. I knew my race was over, but I wanted to finish.
Mile 10 – 10:31 – Running stiff-legged seems to still work for me. I want to keep moving and get to the finish quickly so the pain will end.
Mile 11 – 12:56 – Resorted mostly to walking… it was sad, because I had the energy to keep going!
Mile 12 – 15:09 – Walking. Lots of walking. Plenty of energy. Sad to not be able to move
Mile 13 (plus .1) – 15:33 – Coming down the final stretch, everyone was talking and pointing at me. I just wanted to be done!

Official clock time: 2:18:02

A wonderful medic helped me hobble from the finish line to the first aid tent. The doctor in the tent poked, prodded, flexed, relaxed and poked some more. I got ice 🙂

I promise an update later about the trip, including photos!


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