Western Adventure

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Patrick and I flew to Vegas and had a blast. I taught him how to play craps 🙂 We stayed for two nights – and even hashed there! The Las Vegas Hash House Harriers are an awesome group of people. Trail was fun, and afterwards, one of them cooked Irish food for us.

We drove out to Moab and got settled into a campsite.
I had my second ever half marathon on Saturday.  I was sad about it, but the course was fun, and the medical staff gave me ice and ibuprofen! I rolled my ankle at the beginning of the month, and I felt it all the way up to my knee. My ankle swelled, but my knee didn’t. I think I did actually do some knee damage, and since I didn’t run due to the ankle swelling, I never really found out. I have an MRI scheduled for this afternoon.

We spent the afternoon driving through Arches National Park, where I maybe hiked/limped a mile or two. Patrick hiked out to a few more viewpoints. We camped just outside the park.

In the morning we set off for Bryce Canyon. It was pretty there, but COLD! It was snowing at the top. We did a short hike into the canyon (3mi round trip), but mostly drove to the viewpoints. That park is set up to be seen well from cars, and my knee was happy about that.

We decided to continue on to Zion that afternoon. We stopped at an AMAZING little restaurant, were I had rocky mountain oysters (yes – bull balls! they were good!!) and boar and buffalo ribs. It was pretty much our only meal out on the trip aside from Vegas. We cooked a lot at our campsites.

We got to Zion before dark and set up camp. It’s at a much lower elevation and was warmer – though we did experience rain, snow, sleet and hail all in the same day! We spent two nights and two days there. We hiked Hidden Canyons, the Narrows (as far as you can go in winter), and Angel’s Landing. Hidden Canyon and Angel’s Landing are VERY exposed hikes. You have to hold onto chains to keep from falling right off the cliffs! If you ever make a trip to this part of the county, visit Zion. I’m in love.

We packed up on the second afternoon, and headed to the Grand Canyon. The North Rim is closed in March, so we had a long drive around to the South Rim. We hit some viewpoints and got to the campsite. Yes, there is still snow on the South Rim in March. We set up our tent over two or three inches of snow. It was the coldest night by far! The next day, we hiked the South Kaibab Trail down to a nice viewpoint of the Colorado River. It was probably around 10 miles round-trip. If we wanted to get to the canyon floor, it would have been an additional 3 miles, and we decided against it. The worst part about hiking canyons, is you have the easy part first! The climb out of the Canyon is brutal!

We camped for one more night, did a drive-through visit of the Hoover Dam, and headed back to the airport. It was a GREAT trip!


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