Winning day for mail

Don’t forget to enter the Odwalla Bar giveaway!!

Yesterday was an exciting day for mail 🙂

I got two Netflix DVDs – the last disc of Season 6 of Weeds, and the last disc of the final season of Twin Peaks. Since I no longer have cable, I’m always excited to get good stuff to watch!

I got an iFitness Running Belt from RunAddicts! I won it through a contest on their website. It’s pretty nice! It’s thick, with just the right amount of stretch. I’m not running right now, but I’m pretty sure it’ll stay put while I run! It has a place to attach your bib, a zipper pouch that’s water resistant, and a few loops for gels, gus or shot blocks. It’s a little much for a sprint race, but I’m sure it’ll join me on longer runs and tris!

Duke got his package from He’s a chewer, and if he has things to chew, he doesn’t chew things he isn’t supposed to. If you’ve ever searched for large (10″ to 12″) rawhide bones, you’ve probably found that everything seems overpriced. Ever since Target stopped carrying pressed rawhide for about $3 per bone, I’ve struggled to find any that’s reasonably priced. Petco wants $6.99 per bone, PetSmart wants $5.99, and has them priced at $2.49. For a dog that can devour one of those in a day or two (though he usually takes a few days), that’s a HUGE savings. Duke was very excited.

I got the rest of my tri gear from Odwalla! We got our team shipments, and I had to send back my tri top and jacket because they were too big. Luckily, the sizes that came back were perfect. I’m ready to rock them at races as soon as I can race again!

I’m still anxiously awaiting MRI results. The office said 3-5 business days… which means between Friday and Tuesday, I should have an initial diagnosis.

Even though I’m no longer running the the Cherry Blossom 10-miler, I’m headed to DC anyway 🙂 I’ll get to see friends, my mom, and (if I’m lucky) my dad. Yay!


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