A little ITBS never stopped anyone

I finally have my answer!

My doctor walked into the room,  read my history, looked at my X-rays (and complimented me on how great my leg bones look!), didn’t look at my MRI (because the office hadn’t received the fax), jabbed her finger into the side of my knee and triggered the pain.  She said it is my IT band, and when they finally got the MRI, it was confirmed.

I was skeptical about it being ITBS before  because of the severe, sudden onset of pain. My younger sister (who, by the way, is running the BOSTON MARATHON on the 19th!)  had hers develop over time.

Anyway, she gave me a cortisone injection (ouch!) and a referral for a physical therapist. This physical therapist happens to have WON the Fort Lauderdale A1A marathon. If anyone is going to get me up and running, it’s her!

For now, I’ll be swimming, biking, and doing exercises and stretches that’ll get me back on track to a healthy, happy knee.

And, for a little entertainment, you should check out:

http://www.sarahouten.com/ she’s doing a human-powered trip around the world!

http://www.rungeordierun.com/ he’s running across the US!


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