I’m back!

So, rather than bore you with a long story of my week across the pond… the pictures are here:


Today, my IT band and I had our first physical therapist appointment together! After digging through my car and only coming up with the shortest pair of spandex shorts I own (instead of a normal pair I thought I grabbed…) I headed into the office looking like I should be going to volleyball practice.

I learned that both of my feet are fairly neutral (ok, I knew this) but that my right foot pronates a bit more more than my left. This, in addition to the fact that I tore the meniscus in that knee, probably led to the development of my IT Band Syndrome on the right side.

Side note: ITBS (Illiotibial Band Syndrome) looks WAY too much like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Gotta be careful with those acronyms.

She checked out my Nike Pegasus shoes that I wanted to demote to hashing shoes after the race in Utah (pretty sure those bad boys have logged 300+ miles). She said they are great for training, and suggested racing flats for shorter mileage and race days. So, I’m off to the shoe store! I might just get another pair of Nike Pegasus’, but I think I want to shop around a little. They apparently changed them a bit between the generation I have and the generation being sold now. So, the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” theory doesn’t really apply.

We checked out the foam roller. She was proud of me for owning one, but I obviously hadn’t used it enough… She gave me some stretches and said we’d get to strengthening exercises in the next two weeks.

We ended with some ultrasound and ice. She taped my thigh, too. It looks silly, but it’s supposed to relieve pressure from my IT Band. She basically taped from behind my IT Band, squeezed my thigh, and fastened the other end of the tape on the front side of my IT band. It feels weird, but not painful. Plus, I think that whole area is a little irritated right now…

I have SIX appointments in the next TWO weeks. Holy cow. I’m very happy that my Google Calender syncs with the calender on my BlackBerry… otherwise I’d never be able to keep track.

The good news?

St. Anthony’s is a go! She said that pain will dictate if I can run/walk or if I just have to walk.

The great news?

I’ll be doing a 10 minute run/walk, alternating at 1 minute intervals, this weekend! My first run in over a MONTH! Yay!


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